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Raw Pigments - Black Inks

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$ 10.00
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Black Ink's from RAW Pigments provide a full array of Options:

Vantage Black: is the most popular black we carry. It has a rich creamy viscosity that all artists can use in any style of tattooing without messing up the stencil. Vanta Black will dry darker than any of our previously mentioned blacks. This black is very dark, rich, and jet black.

Raven Black: is a jet black ink with a medium viscosity. It works well for large, solid saturation or the darkest areas of your tattoo.

Midnight Black: has a blue undertone in it making midnight a cooler black. It has a consistent, medium viscosity that dries very dark. This cool toned black is very popular and doesn't heal with a green undertone.

Pitch Black: can be used in all styles of tattooing and is a great all-purpose black. This was our first formulated black and can be used for packing, lining and solid saturation. Pitch black goes in easy, dries dark and has a medium viscosity.

Lining and Shading Black: is an all-purpose black with a lower viscosity than our other blacks. It is a very versatile black and can be used with any style. This black does not have an undertone and is used by artists who want to make their own drop system.

Black Mamba: is a darker version of our Raven Black and the highest pigment load of any black we carry. It has a consistent, medium viscosity that dries very dark. This is a super dark and messy black.