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Quantum - Down to Earth Set

by Quantum
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Harmonious Pigments—a warm, a cool, and a neutral—all in muted and understated tones designed for the woman who prefers a simple yet elegant look. These versatile pigments are your secret to crafting countless shades, allowing you to achieve a range of lip colors as subtle and natural as your clients desire.

This set is the answer for those who prefer a softer, more authentic look rather than bold and bright hues. Each pigment is formulated for flawless, lasting wear, ensuring your clients enjoy a beautifully enhanced yet effortlessly natural appearance.

Key Features:

* 3 Muted Tones: A carefully selected warm, cool, and neutral pigment—each designed for understated elegance

* Natural Beauty, Amplified: Perfect for clients who desire a more subtle, authentic enhancement of their lips

* Blendable and Versatile: Mix and match to create a wide spectrum of natural-looking shades

* Safe and Cruelty-Free: Committed to the highest ethical and quality standards

* Effortless Chic: For lips that whisper grace and sophistication, never shouting for attention With Down to Earth by Quantum, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Empower your clients to embrace their natural beauty and wear it confidently. Subtle, graceful, and entirely Down to Earth—this is pigment perfection for the modern, natural look.