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Musotoku MK-2 Power Supply - DUAL USB-C MODEL

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he DUAL USB-C model has independent Output for x2 Machines (with independent memory preset for each).
The USB-C power input is compatible with Laptop adapters. This means that this MUSOTOKU can work with Laptop Power-bank batteries of 60W while delivering the full 5A power.
This adds a new layer of convenience because you can run the MUSOTOKU DUAL model at full performance from a Battery for hours and hours off the grid (watch what people are doing).
You can use the DUAL USB-C model with a foot switch (pedal) as usual. Or you can also work without it by using our continuous mode feature.

We have maintained the simplicity of usage with this model.
Just change the channel by pressing the push-button once (click). No need to configure anything about channels or memories. Just use it intuitively and enjoy all the power inside.

MUSOTOKU MK-2 is one of the most powerful power stations you can get at this very small size. It delivers 5 Amps of power which will make your machines run smoothly, but solid and consistently.

Build-in aluminum for the best durability and weight balance.

The power supply is designed to work in any country in the world, no matter if you are using 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz. Its design ensures that your voltage is always stable even with the annoying fluctuations of power that plague the conventions.

  • USB-C power input compatible with Laptop adapters.
  • It can work also with Laptop Batteries
  • 5 Amps Consistent Power
  • Independent Output for x2 Machines (2 memory presets)
  • 2 - 16V in 0.1V Steps
  • Works with Coil and Rotary machines
  • x3 types of Pedal: Standard, Continuous Mode (Free-Foot), one-touch pedal
  • NITRO Boost for fast Startup Mode
  • Auto Power-off


  • MUSOTOKU Power Supply 5 Amps
  • USB-C Cable 60W
  • USB-C Power Adapter 60W
  • Basic Support (GoPro sticker based)
  • User Manual