Eye Loupe


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30x Magnification Metal Triplet Eye Loupe by Precision Supplies – 21mm Diameter

An eye loupe is essential for all tattoo shops. It is used to inspect tattoo needles to ensure there are no imperfections prior to using it on skin. Using a damaged or barbed needle can cause more skin damage on clients and can affect the work of the artist. This Precision Triplet Eye Loupe is great for spotting any damage to your needles with ease. It has a 21mm diameter and 30x magnification. This triplet eye loupe features a foldable design with a loop hole that can be attached to a string or chain, which makes it easy to carry around and have with you at all times. It also includes a hard case for convenient storage. 


  • Dimensions:  60mm (L) x 24mm (W) x 17mm (H)
  • Lens diameter:  21mm
  • 30x magnification
  • Triplet loupe lens
  • Foldable design with loop hole for easy carrying
  • Hard case included

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