Precision Cut-to-Length Thin RCA Cord Cover Bag on a Roll

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SKU: prec-rca-roll

Cut-to-Length 1” Wide RCA Cord Cover Bag by Precision Supplies

Maintain a safe and hygienic work space with the Precision Cut-to-Length Cord Cover Bag. This convenient cover bag is one continuous roll that you can cut to the exact length you need for your tattoo clip and RCA cords. It is 1” wide and approximately 109.2 yards long. These bags help to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and are blue in color to easily identify your cords for a more organized work space. Each roll comes in an easy-dispense box with a perforated slot on the side.


  • Size:  1” (W) x 109.2 yards (L); 0.1mm thickness
  • Material:  LDPE
  • Color:  Blue
  • Cut-to-length to fit with cords
  • Helps to maintain a safe and hygienic work space by eliminating risk of cross-contamination
  • Easy-dispense box with perforated slot on side
  • Available in a wider 2” cover bag roll

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