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Saferly Professional Tattoo Stencil Marker - Single

by Saferly
Original price $ 2.99 - Original price $ 2.99
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$ 2.99
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Professional Tattoo Stencil Marker by Saferly

Saferly Professional Tattoo Stencil Markers are designed to permit crisp, clean freehand stencil designs. Draw directly onto your client’s skin with these Saferly markers, which come equipped with dual tips, thick and thin, for versatility. The Saferly Tattoo Stencil Marker is remarkable for its lasting ink; 80% of the ink will stay on a client’s skin, even after the site is washed with green soap.

This listing is for one Saferly Tattoo Stencil Marker.


  • Professional tattoo stencil markers
  • Ink is smudge-free and sticks well
  • Versatile dual tips: thick and thin
  • Manufactured by Saferly
  • Price per one
  • Also available as a box of 25

Directions for Use:

  1. Make sure the skin is properly cleaned and dried before using the Saferly Stencil Marker
  2. If you used other markers with lighter ink for the initial sketch, you can use the Saferly marker for the final lines. Make sure that the previous marker has dried before using the Saferly marker over top of it.