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Quantum - Hot Girl Summer Set

by Quantum
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Unleash the warmth of the golden Moroccan sun, right in your palette. The Hot Girl Summer mini kit is your ticket to that perennial sun-drenched look, featuring 3 Sun soaked Pigments: a lively bright orange, a sophisticated muted orange, and a deep, sultry dark orange.

Expertly curated for the adventurous and chic woman, this vibrant trio is designed to infuse any color with the warmth of a breathtaking golden hour. Whether you're stepping out for a night in the city or catching the last light of day on a rooftop in Marrakech, these pigments ensure your look is as radiant and captivating as a Moroccan sunset.

Key Features:
* 3 Warm Pigments: A vivid bright orange, a refined muted orange, and an intense dark orange, meticulously selected to evoke the charm of a warm, exotic getaway.
* Versatile Warmth: Seamlessly add these pigments to any color in your collection to achieve that perfect sun-kissed hue.
* Flawless Application and Longevity: Crafted for smooth blending, vibrant payoff, and enduring beauty.
* Safe and Cruelty-Free: A commitment to ethical excellence and quality you can trust.

With Hot Girl Summer by Quantum, you're not just enhancing a look—you're embodying the essence of a luxurious, warm escape. It's your summer, anytime, brought to life through the artistry of your hands.