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Panthera Ralf Nonnweiler Artist Series — Set of Two 5oz Bottles

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Ralf Nonnweiler's Complete Greywash Series by Panthera — Two 5oz Bottles — Smooth Blending and Smooth Finish Ink

Known for its wide selection of black inks, Panthera is an Italian brand that uses molecular technology for pigments that have a remarkable gloss and extra durability against sun fade.

Panthera's Smooth Blending Black Ink is a diluted, light-toned pigment that is ideal for rendering subtle details in portraiture, such as bumps, wrinkles, and even pores without the look of dots or hard lines.

Panthera's Smooth Finish Black Ink contains a minimal amount of pigment, making it ideal for promoting contrast and executing light, subtle shades during the final stages of tattooing. This highly diluted Smooth Finish also allows artists to saturate the lightest aspects of his or her tattoo for a soft grey hue that lasts even after the healing process.

This listing is for the complete Ralf Nonnweiler Artist Series by Panthera, including one bottle of Smooth Finish and one bottle of Smooth Blending tattoo ink.


  • One 5oz (150mL) bottle of Smooth Blending Ink
  • One 5oz (150mL) bottle of Smooth Finish Ink 
  • Highly diluted, minimal and light-toned pigments
  • Ideal for creating subtle details/contrasts/shades
  • Durability against sun fade
  • Price per one set of two 5oz bottles