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Ozer Tattoo Stencil Thermal Printer

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Now you can print tattoo stencils straight from your Apple or Android phone using Bluetooth. Introducing the Ozer Tattoo Thermal Printer: Revolutionizing Tattoo Stencil Creation!

Elevate Your Tattoo Stencil Game with the Ozer Tattoo Wireless Printer!


    • Ultra thin design
    • Use anytime, anywhere
    • Built-in Lithium Ion Battery for ultimate portability.
    • Fully charged, print 60-80 sheets
    • Connect using Bluetooth or USB
    • Connect to your iPad using Bluetooth.
    • Prints tattoo stencils quickly and with much details.
    • Easily load thermal stencil paper
    • Perfect for traveling tattoo artist.
    • No stencil ink required.

Technical Specifications

    • Bluetooth and USB connection.
    • Lithium Ion Battery, 1200Mah
    • High resolution 203DPI
    • Effective printing width: 216MM
    • Printing speed: 13-15MM/S
    • Print density: thick, moderate, light
    • Transfer paper width: 216MM
    • Charges using USB Type C, charging cable included.
    • Weight: 1 lb 10 oz.
    • Product size (bare metal): 320*68*41MM
    • Software compatible with Android and Apple devices.