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FK Irons PowerBolt II + Battery Pack

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$ 349.95
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Enjoy extra power with your favorite wireless FK Irons machine using the PowerBolt II+ battery pack by FK Irons. The PowerBolt II+ delivers up to 50% more battery power than the original PowerBolt II. It also maintains all the best features of the PowerBolt II, including upgraded, next-level intelligence and intuition, so it learns and adapts to the way you tattoo. It fits easily onto any wireless machine by FK Irons.

Pair the PowerBolt II+ with the FK Irons Killswitch for even more efficient tattooing, allowing you to make power adjustments on the fly with the tap of your foot. This PowerBolt II+ battery pack is also designed for improved range of connectivity to your Killswitch device.

Make effortless adjustments while tattooing with 0.1v or 0.5v increments, responsive eGive settings, and a clear readout screen. The PowerBolt II+ also features FK Irons’s first-ever digital built-in menu to select your settings.

Technical Specifications:

  • Intuitive, detachable battery pack
  • Up to 50% more battery life than the PowerBolt II
  • Comes with all-new digital built-in menu to select your settings
  • Senses and adapts to the way you work
  • Compatible with all FK Irons wireless machines
  • Fully charges in 2 hours; takes 3 hours to charge the first time
  • Chargeable with USB-C cable
  • Easily adjustable voltage; 0.1v or 0.5v increment adjustments
  • Features responsive eGive settings (0–3)
  • Clear display screen with left- and right-hand screen orientation
  • Clear voltage and Hertz readout
  • Easy-to-read battery life and built-in session timer
  • Compatible with the FK Irons Killswitch (improved range of connection)
  • Bluetooth enabled; can be paired with Darklab app
  • Firmware updates available via the Darklab app
  • USB-C cable included with purchase