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Eternal Vintage Ink Colors

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Eternal Ink Vintage Ink Colors:

Atomic Orange: More orange than Golden Yellow, more yellow than True Gold, more vibrant than Eternal Orange.

Blueberry Hill: More vibrant and darker than True Blue while lighter than Blue Concentrate.

Blue Suede: A cool blue that is darker than Arctic Dark.

Bomber Gray: A super desaturated gray that falls within the yellow green family.

Camo Green: Camo is lighter & more vibrant than Seven Seas, darker and less vibrant than Green Slime.

Classic Pink: Lighter, warmer and more vibrant than Pepto Pink, darker than Pink, and lighter & cooler than Hot Pink or Tangerine.

Eastwood: This is a dark red that is warmer and more desaturated than our Dark Red.

Purple Haze: Warmer than Imperial Violet, and cooler than Cuda Purple but with a similar value. Lighter than Dark Purple.

Red Wagon: Warmer than Lipstick Red and more intense than Light Red.

Root Beer: Warmer and lighter than Dark Brown.

Slo Poke: A translucent warm yellow-brown, lighter & more saturated than Mocha.

Tang Orange: Warmer hue than a traditional orange, more yellow and brighter than California Orange.

Thunderbird: Warmer & darker than Aquamarine, less vibrant and slightly more blue than Coral Green.

Yellow Jacket: A translucent pure yellow, similar warmth to Yellowstone but without the opacity.

MAXX Lining Black: A thinner formulation of Maxx Black mixed perfectly for lining.

MAXX Black: The dark black you already love.

White: Bright as the driven snow – our classic white belongs among these modern classics.

Keep It Wet: As the Name Implies