Beehive Butter

Bee Hive Butter

$ 8.00 


Bee Hive Butter- Organic Tattoo Procedure & Aftercare

Bee Hive Butter is a product of the Bee Hive state and contains NO bee or honey ingredients. It is an all vegan and organic procedure and aftercare product for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. Bee Hive Butter creates a smooth lubrication and barrier by melting right into the skin instantly! BeeHive Butter eliminates the worries of a client placing too much NON-breathable petroleum base products on their tattoo and damaging their tattoo. It contains NO carcinogens and is 100% natural!

All Vegan
100% Natural
For use during and after a tattoo
Petroleum Free


Special Blend of Shea Butters
Organic CP Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Distilled Water, Essence of Coconut Lemon Grass

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