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RAW Pigments - Tobias Agustini Set

Original price $ 130.00 - Original price $ 215.00
Original price
$ 130.00
$ 130.00 - $ 215.00
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This set includes Demon Black, Vantage Black, Raw White, Opaque Gray Light & Opaque Gray Dark, Platinum Whitewash Light & Platinum Whitewash Dark.

Over the last two years, we've been working behind-the-scenes with Tobias Agustini to create a one-of-a-kind, harmonious black and gray set.

The base black for the washes is our Black Mamba, which is darker than our standard wash set. The inspiration behind this concept came from Tobias' desire to create harmony amongst the tones.

Tobias Agustini has always been heavily influenced by the arts. Drawing has been a very large part of his life; it's the thing he loved more than anything. So, he sought to unite his hobby with the need to make a living. It was then, in 2016, that Tobias decided to begin his career in tattooing. He dedicated himself to the maximum every day to achieve his goals. 

In his studies, he has sought inspiration from great artists such as Caravaggio, who carried a dimension and strong, obscure realist impact on his works. The fantasy and romanticism of Gusavo Dore and the surrealism of H.R. Giger with his fantastic arts, had a significant impact on Tobias' artistic foundation.

Today, daily self-improvement is what motivates Tobias the most. His primary focus is to do the best in each job; awards and competitions are unimportant to him. The best prize and recognition is client satisfaction. Ending the session with a satisfied client, who is happy with the tattoo that was made, is what continues to motivate him every day.