Mithra Bugpin Curved Mag Needles


$ 27.00 

Bugpin Curved Magnum

All Mithra 8-gauge Bugpin Needles fit into a size down tube.

Example: 7 Magnum Bugpin needle will fit into a 5 Magnum tube, 9 Magnum Bugpin needle will fit into a 7 Magnum tube, etc. 

Mithra BUGPIN Curved Magnum Shaders are made from Long Tapered 8-gauge needles specially designed to hold more ink and make blending and coloring large areas easier with less impact to the skin. The “Curve” on the taper points allows the artist to angle the needle when tattooing, which allows ink to be packed for higher concentration on tight spots and confined areas. The tighter spacing between the needles give “portrait” tattoos a smoother, fuller look with more depth and life likeness. 

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