Electrum NUMB Anesthetic Spray - 4 oz.

Anesthetics - Electrum


$ 35.00 
SKU: elec-numb-spray

Electrum NUMB Anesthetic Spray is a powerful 4% lidocaine liquid anesthetic developed for use during broken skin procedures. It quickly relieves pain within 90 seconds of application. It also contains a vascular constrictor to aid in reducing swelling and bleeding. The healing of tattooing is not affected by its continued use throughout a procedure.


  • Temporarily relieves pain, itching, and swelling
  • Use for Eyeliner, Lips, Eyebrows, Tattoos, Piercings
  • Will not affect color or healing process
  • No odor or perfumed additives
  • Effective within 90 seconds
  • Available in a 4 oz. spray bottle

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