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Benzalkonium Chloride has long been used in the tattoo & piercing industry as an instrument disinfectant. Now you can have not only the powerful disinfecting properties of Benzalkonium Chloride, but with the added benefit of an anti-rust component. With Benz-All, no additional anti-rust tablets are necessary!

One 40cc bottle of Benz-All is sufficient to produce one full gallon of ready to use disinfecting solution. Rubber and metal instruments need only be soaked for 15 minutes, but may be left in the solution longer if necessary. And while not a cold sterilizer, Benz-All may be used for the storage of heat sterilized instruments.

In its recommended dilution, Benz-All Solution is odorless and nonstaining. Its extreme wetting action and low surface tension give Benz-All a distinct advantage for disinfecting tattoo and piercing equipment.

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