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Wipe Outz Shop Towels. - Single Roll

Premium paper towel rolls with a long list of benefits:

• Soft

• Durable

• Long Lasting

• Highly Absorbent

• Gamma-Sterilized

• Less Lint & Less Needle Clogs

• Select-Size (80-160 paper towels per roll)

• Sterilized for the Next Level in Tattoo Safety

• More Sustainable than Standard Paper Towels

• Designed, Tested, and Approved by Tattoo Artists

• Individually Wrapped Rolls with Poly Film to Help Prevent Contamination

If you are looking for premium paper towels for tattooing that are soft, durable, long lasting, and highly absorbent, look no further than Wipe Outz Shop Towels! These revolutionary paper towel rolls were designed, tested, and approved by tattoo artists, and made specifically with their specialized needs in mind. They produce less lint than standard paper towels, which leads to less needle clogs, less irritated skin, and better-healed tattoos. Gamma-sterilized for extra safety, Wipe Outz Shop Towels feature a select-size option (80 to 160 towels per roll) and arrive to you in individually shrink-wrapped quantities of three rolls. Field testing has shown that tattoo artists need less Wipe Outz Shop Towels than typical paper towels, which means a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option as well. Join other top-tier tattoo artists today by incorporating a superior product into your tattooing arsenal and enjoy the quality that you and your clients deserve.

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